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Are You Looking for a Prenup Lawyer?

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A prenuptial agreement is a contract between two adults before they get married. This agreement states obligations in the event divorce or death occur. This agreement goes into effect as soon as the couple gets married. This document can protect you, your partner, and your child’s future. That’s why it’s important to team up with an attorney when creating a prenup. If you are looking for a prenup lawyer in Ellicott, MD or the surrounding areas, get in touch with Attorney David Zerivitz today. He has been providing legal services for premarital agreements since 1974. With more than 4.5 decades of experience under his belt, you can rest assured that he can help you. Call now at (410) 653-5800 to discuss details on your prenup agreement today.

Attorney David offers his legal assistance for clients in and around Towson, Baltimore, Catonsville, Ellicott, and more. Get in touch with the firm today to find out if he offers services to clients in your area.

Prenuptial Agreement: Why Hire a Legal Professional Every Time

Attorney David Zerivitz: Providing Prenup Services Since 1974

If you own a business, have a large number of assets, or have children from a previous marriage, you should consider a prenup. A prenup will provide you with protection in case the unexpected occurs. Attorney David understands that this conversation can be uncomfortable, but necessary in your situation. With many years of experience assisting clients like you, he knows how to properly handle this kind of situation. He will make the process of creating a prenup agreement easy and a little less overwhelming. Simply get in touch with him today to learn more about he can assist you. As your prenup lawyer, he is happy to answer any of your questions or concerns dealing with premarital agreements.

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If you and your partner are preparing to get married and are interested in a prenuptial agreement, call today. Or if you are being faced with the enforcement of a prenup agreement, it is crucial that you consult with a local prenup lawyer who will ensure your rights are protected throughout. Please contact A. David Zerivitz, P.A. Attorney At Law today to speak with him yourself about your unique circumstances. In addition to premarital agreements, David assists with several other Family Law matters. If you are dealing with the division of marital property, alimony, child support, visitation, or any other issue, get in touch with David today. Want to know more? Fill out the contact form to learn more about Attorney David and how his legal services can assist you.

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When you call you speak to me personally


A. David Zerivitz, P.A. Attorney At Law opened back in 1974 and since has been providing reliable legal counsel for clients in the area. David was listed in Super Lawyers 2012 Magazine for Family Law. Only 5% of the attorneys in the state are named in Super Lawyers.
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