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Do You Need an Alimony Lawyer
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A. David Zerivitz, P.A. Attorney At Law offers legal counsel for alimony in Ellicott, MD and the surrounding areas. David is an alimony lawyer with more than 4.5 decades of experience. Alimony is support paid from one spouse to the other. This can be for a specific amount of time, in a lump sum, or paid regularly. One spouse must be financially “dependent” in order to receive spousal maintenance. There are several factors that the court will look at to determine alimony. During this process, it’s useful to have legal representation. Team up with Attorney David Zerivitz for alimony litigation. He will provide you with advice and guidance throughout the process. Call our office at (410) 653-5800 to speak with him.

David offers his legal services in and around Ellicott, Towson, Catonsville, Baltimore, and more.

Attorney David Zerivitz: Providing Alimony Services for 46 Years

David has been practicing in the field of Family Law for 46 years now. Alimony is just one of many of his practice areas. Since 1974, David has been working tirelessly to support clients in the area through legal counsel. With his help, you can come to an alimony settlement that you are comfortable with, whether you are receiving the payment of paying it.

Are you looking for assistance throughout your entire divorce? Attorney David Zerivitz is not only an alimony lawyer. He covers anything from the division of marital property and marital settlement agreements to child support and custody. If you need legal counsel for all aspects of your divorce, call David. He is a reliable attorney in Ellicott, MD and the surrounding areas ready to assist you. Schedule your free consultation with him by calling or filling out our contact form.

Spousal Maintenance: What It is and Why Involve a Legal Professional

Spousal maintenance, also known as alimony, is money paid by one spouse to the other in the case of a divorce. The purpose of this payment is to prevent financial hardship for a financially dependent spouse. The amount of spousal maintenance is typically determined mutually or by a judge. A judge will take a look at factors such as net income, duration of the marriage, child support, etc. If you are looking for fair spousal maintenance and a more smooth process, you should involve a legal professional. A lawyer will be able to lay out all of the legal aspects affecting spousal maintenance and help you understand your rights and responsibilities. Get in touch with David by calling (410) 653-5800 to schedule your free consultation.

Call to Consult About Alimony Litigation

Litigation is a time-consuming process. Attorney David understands that in these situations, you want to come to a resolution in a timely manner. When you hire him as your alimony lawyer, he will walk you through the process and clarify any confusing aspects. So you can expect him to ask you about things such as marital fault, assets, length of the marriage, professional background, and more. These are all important factors that will affect the judge’s decision on your alimony case. If you have any questions about your rights and responsibilities, give the firm a call today. David will be happy to answer your questions and provide you with more information on the process of alimony litigation.

Wondering if you need an alimony lawyer? Call the firm today. Attorney David will be happy to listen to your circumstances and let you know the best way to proceed. Whether you are the dependent spouse or supporting spouse, Attorney David will help you resolve your alimony case. Call (410) 653-5800 to speak to him today.

A. David Zerivitz, P.A. Attorney At Law

When you call you speak to me personally


A. David Zerivitz, P.A. Attorney At Law opened back in 1974 and since has been providing reliable legal counsel for clients in the area. David was listed in Super Lawyers 2012 Magazine for Family Law. Only 5% of the attorneys in the state are named in Super Lawyers.
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