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Attorney David Zerivitz: Providing Equitable Distribution Law Service Since 1974

When you call you speak to me personally

Equitable distribution is the distribution of assets after divorce. This distribution is what is considered to be fair, but not necessarily equal in the division. These situations differ quite a bit due to every client’s circumstances varying. If you are looking for equitable distribution law services from an experienced attorney in and around Towson, MD, contact Attorney David Zerivitz. He is a lawyer that assists with marital assets and divorce property division. With 46 years of experience practicing, he is confident in the legal counsel he provides for clients in the area. Reach out today to speak with David himself.

A. David Zerivitz, P.A. Attorney At Law is pleased to offer legal services in and around Baltimore, Catonsville, Ellicott, and more. If you are currently located somewhere else and need assistance, call. We will let you know if David offers counsel near you.

Hire an Attorney With a Focus in Marital Property Division

Marital property is property acquired by both spouses in the duration of the marriage. When determining how to distribute property, sometimes spouses don’t come to an agreement. Then, going to court to ask for a decision is a viable option. The court will look at things such as:
  • Age of spouses
  • Health of spouses
  • Length of marriage
  • Alimony
  • Current finances of spouses
  • Marital misconduct
  • Spouse’s property
After looking at all of the following, the court will decide on a fair way to divide up the marital property between the spouses. If you would like to prepare yourself for the process, hire David for equitable distribution law services in Towson, MD and the surrounding areas. Call today.

Marital Assets: Why You Should Involve a Legal Professional

Marital assets are property acquired during the marriage, regardless of who owns it. This can be anything from insurance and stocks to homes and cars. If you want to ensure that your assets are distributed fairly between the two of you, it’s important to involve a legal professional. David is an experienced lawyer in the Towson, MD area. He has been providing equitable distribution law services for more than 40 years now. He understands that both spouses want a fair outcome and want to come to a resolution as quickly as possible. So, when you put your trust in him, he will ensure that the process is efficient and smooth.

When you’re filing for divorce, you need a trustworthy lawyer by your side every step of the way. Divorce brings along several issues that can be handled swiftly with the help of a lawyer. Call now to learn more about how Attorney David can assist you in your situation.

Consult an Attorney About Divorce Property Division Today

If you are looking to divide up property after a divorce, hire David. He has extensive experience in cases involving complex matters such as ownership of a business and real estate. He understands the financial aspects of the process and will keep you well-informed throughout the process. If you want to ensure that the outcome of your situation ends fairly between you and your spouse, call today. David will evaluate your current situation and help you make decisions regarding your divorce property and assets.

If this sounds like the legal assistance you are seeking, reach out today by calling at (410) 653-5800. David focuses on providing personable assistance and customized solutions for each client. Everyone is going through a different scenario, which is why he takes the time to listen to you and your needs. Speak to David today!

A. David Zerivitz, P.A. Attorney At Law

When you call you speak to me personally


A. David Zerivitz, P.A. Attorney At Law opened back in 1974 and since has been providing reliable legal counsel for clients in the area. David was listed in Super Lawyers 2012 Magazine for Family Law. Only 5% of the attorneys in the state are named in Super Lawyers.
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